Document Management System

Your own online document library...

The OMNIX Document Management System allows your company to store its key documents online in a centralised location.

It also enables you to link to those documents from your website - ideal if you want to keep online public facing documents up to date without the need to have your website modified.

Online Administation and Document Upload

This document library enables customers to access policy documents for Pet Insurance.

Branded specifically to match the style of the Pet Secure website.

Manage your online document library from any internet connection. Just login via the Administrator's Log-in page and you will be able to create new folders, rename or delete existing folders and upload documents.

When a document is uploaded, the Administrator can provide a brief description of the documents intended use and a title, both of which are displayed when the document is clicked on by a user.

The upload process is quick and simple and you are guided through each stage.

Single Library - Multi-Branding

The same document library also services the Salon Secure website, for Salon liability insurance documents.

Yet the branding is different.

So if you need the same library accessible from multiple locations with different colours logos and branding for each location, the the OMNIX Document Management System can accommodate this.

Each library can be launch with a unique branding code, enabling the document residing within that library to remain the same but the look and feels to change according to the source website.

Static Document Links

Ideal for external application and website linking, the URL (target) of the document remains unchanged even if you upload new versions of each document.

Familiar File and Folder Structure

Just like your common file manager on your desktop computer, the OMNIX Document Management System is arranged in a Folder/sub-folder/file hierarchy system. This makes the transition to web based file management much more intuitive.

Industry Standard PDF File Formats.

The OMNIX Document Management System uses the industry standard in document formats, ensuring that your documents can be view by everyone.

Adobe PDF reader can be downloaded and used by anyone for free. So it's the best option for the OMNIX Document Management System file format.