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The OMNIX Event Management System provides corporate and sports event management companies and conference organisers a way to set up and manage the entire event organisation process via the internet.

Full details of our flexible pricing arrangements are shown below.

A number of the core features are highlighted here, more information is available upon request.

The first implementation of the OMNIX Event Management System was for Corporate & Sporting Events Ltd, who use the system on an international scale.

The OMNIX Event Management System was used successfully in the organisation of the BT Paralympic World Cup Event, the GB Judo World Cup Event and the Modern Pentathlon World Championships Event

Multi-language support

At the click of a button the Corporate and Sporting implementation switches between Spanish, French and English. There is no limit to the number of languages the system can support.

All of the core textual elements within the system can have alternate translations in any language. The system does not use a "generic" language converter; instead all text elements are stored within a database and any number of alternate "correctly translated" versions can be stored too.

This ensures that the translation is absolutely correct. Sporting events are often organised on an international scale and the OMNIX Event Management System offers an interface in the user's native language.

Secure Access - with multiple user access levels

The system allows the event management company to control each event differently. Options for controlling the system access include:-

For each conference or event the system can handle an unlimited number of teams and delegates. Each team can have an unlimited number of individual users (athletes/staff/guests/delegates), all of which can have their own unique login details to manage or view their booking and itinerary based on the access levels that they have been granted.

Event Administration

The event administration side of the system enables the event organisers to setup events, teams, access levels, itinerary records, rooming lists and much more.

For organisers of multiple events, each event can be branded to display the logo for the event and the most appropriate background colour for the event. As many large events will have a supporting website this enables the event administration / booking system to match the style of the supporting website giving a professional feel to the whole process.

Teams and delegates are assigned to a hotel near the event and allocated a number of single or twin rooms depending on their quota, all managed from with the OMNIX Event Management System.

The picture on the right shows the room allocation section of the system; this area allows the organisor or the team captian to distribute the athletes and staff into the rooms that have been provided for their assigned hotel.

This gives the team control over who will be sharing with whom and gives them the comfort that the booking process and accommodation is completely under their control.

Itinerary Management

The itinerary section of the site allows the event organiser to add as many line items as they like.

Flights, train and coach journeys, private pick-ups and drop-offs are all covered.

All of the itinerary information is visible to the individual delegate or competitor, the team captain, the events organiser and the event administration team.

The addition of itinerary items is controlled by the appropriate access levels afforded to the event organisers. There is also a very useful "additional notes" column allowing the team captain or event organiser to provide additional guidance for each stage of their visit.

Reporting and Information Export

The are many reports that can be generated by the OMNIX Event Management System; if a particular report is required that the system does not currently produce then OMNIX can have that report built into the system for you. Just a few of the possible reports are show here:-

All reports generated by the system can be exported to Microsoft - Excel or Open Office - Calc for further processing.

Event Management Software - Pricing Options

Whatever the size of your event, we have a pricing option that will suit. Depending upon your requirements, our flexible pricing options include:-