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As an insurance intermediary, broker or advisor, you will be acutely aware of the growing trend amongst your potential customers for using the Internet to gather information and obtain insurance quotes from an increasing number of your competitors who have their own Internet channels.

The trend is growing, as the move away from telephone quotes continues and the move towards web-based insurance quotations continues. Prospective clients are using the Internet to do their research and compare quotes from a wide range of established and well-known online insurance brands that have embraced the Internet as the future for personal lines insurance, commercial lines insurance, as well as life and pensions.

"...integrating your website with your SSP, Misys, Open G I, Cheshire Data or Sirius back office systems..."

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You may feel that you are unable to compete with these major Internet insurance companies; after all, they have a significant budget and rely heavily upon continuous TV, radio and Internet promotion of their insurance websites. Clearly, unless you have a virtually unlimited budget, you cannot reasonably expect to compete directly – but you can use the Internet to carve your own niche in areas of the insurance market on which the major online insurers are less focussed and where a carefully designed and well-planned website will work for you.

But before you decide how a new website might benefit your insurance business, talk to OMNIX.

OMNIX will show you how to get the best from your insurance website design. Designing a website for an insurance broker or intermediary is a very specialised area and we have many years' experience in creating this type of online business channel, including integrating your website with your SSP, Misys, Open G I, Cheshire Data or Sirius back office systems.

Integrate your insurance website

We can also link your newly designed insurance broker website to your existing client administration system, so that you can, if you prefer, take information typed into your website (prospects, quotes etc) straight into your back office, where it can be handled as if it had come in as any other insurance quote.

Whether you use SSP, Open G I (formerly Misys), Sirius or Cheshire Data, we are happy to provide links to the relevant prospect or client database. Call us for more details. We work closely with most of the main software houses and will be pleased to liaise on your behalf.

"OMNIX operates throughout the UK and Ireland and we are happy to integrate our web channels with other systems and databases as required..."

OMNIX operates throughout the UK and Ireland and we are happy to integrate our web channels with other systems and databases as required. Just leave it to us – we will do what is required to achieve a fully integrated web channel for your business.

As you can see, there is a lot of flexibility that you can use to your advantage. Overall, it is a very simple and straightforward process and you will be amazed by the results. Having a new website is a big step for any business and can be hugely important to you and your staff, as it marks the next step in the online development of your business.

Designing your insurance website

" quotations, quote and buy e-commerce facilities, quote save and retrieval, plus a wide range of additional features that we can suggest..."

OMNIX works very closely with our clients. From the start, we will talk you through the whole web design process, what is going to happen and what we will require from you. We listen carefully to your design preferences, the areas of your business you may wish to focus on and any special requests you might have.

From there we will create a mock website design, or more, and take feedback from you to fine-tune the design to your absolute satisfaction.

Once the website design is agreed, we build the website, including any additional features you may have requested, including online insurance quotations, quote and buy e-commerce facilities, quote save and retrieval, plus a wide range of additional features that we can suggest – the decision on what the website will do will always be yours and we will tailor the relevant insurance software to ensure the website all works exactly as you intended.

Your own online insurance channel

You may already spend significant sums on advertising in local and national telephone directories, trusting that your future clients will have let their fingers do the walking to find you. Do you know how much business these adverts bring you? Have you considered spending your advertising budget in a different way? Wouldn't you like to be able to change your advertising easily and instantly, rather than having to agree an advert wording months before it goes to print and then be unable to make any changes for another year?

With a new website, custom designed for your business by OMNIX, you can promote any aspect of your operation easily and with no technical knowledge. You can make changes each day, each week or every so often – it is an entirely flexible online business channel, it is so much more that just a website and will cost you less than you think. We can offer you the option to pay a fixed amount each month or a lump sum, whichever is your preference.

Whatever your budget, talk to us and allow us to explain what we can do and how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Search engine optimisation

Something of a mystery to many, 'search engine optimisation' can make all the difference to the long-term success of your new insurance web channel. You may have invested significant sums in creating an all-new online insurance business, but it is vitally important that the new website is developed in such a way that it appears in the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. OMNIX offers a highly cost-effective website search engine optimisation service as standard to our clients and will be pleased to provide help and advice in this critically-important area of website marketing and promotion.

Website content copywriting

If the thought of creating pages of website content fills you with fear and dread, OMNIX is pleased to be able to offer a low-cost website copywriting service in association with a specialist insurance copywriter. Using the relevant keywords and phrases, unique text content will be created for you for any or all pages in your insurance website.

Our insurance clients

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Omnix client portfolio includes 'High Street' insurance brokers, regional insurance intermediaries and Internet-only insurance lead generation websites. With over 30 years' insurance experience on offer, Omnix is well-placed to provide our clients with relevant and insurance industry-specific assistance in how to get the best from a new website.

We are happy to offer preferential pricing to members of BIBA - just ask us for full details.