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OPUS - the OMNIX Policy Underwriting System...

When OMNIX was commissioned to design and develop an all-new web-based insurance administration system for City Underwriting Services., we took advantage of the latest web technology to create a Internet-based system that was flexible, scalable and above all, easy to use.

Freed from the baggage that accompanies many of today's legacy insurance administration systems, OPUS was designed from scratch by OMNIX for today's insurance intermediary. With brokers and underwriters increasingly reliant upon the Internet as a source of insurance business, it made sense to create a system that embraced the familiarity of a web browser look and feel, as well as the accessibility provided by Internet/web technology.

How OPUS can help your insurance business

As an insurance intermediary, you are probably familiar with the established client adminstration systems; they offer a wide range of built-in features and functionality, many of which are rarely required by some brokers. Many of these systems have evolved over 30 years and have been adapted, as far as they can be, to handle the 'new technology' of the 21st century.

The insurance business has changed out of all recognition during that time and the back-office system requirements of most insurance brokers have similarly moved on. Specialist intermediaries, perhaps with broker-to-broker facilities, self-issue delegated underwriting authority - from a system point of view, these place enormous demands on the scope and flexibility of a broker's administration system.

It was with these types of specialist brokers, intermediaries and niche insurers in mind that OPUS was created. OPUS is designed for staff who are familiar with the main web browsers. The OPUS navigation, search facilities and layout will be similarly familiar and has an easy, intuitive design.

For insurance brokers who have 'done the rounds' and considered all the usual suspects and found them wanting in certain areas, OPUS offers an alternative approach, one that can be tailored to a specialist brokers unique business requirements. The days of putting a square peg in a round hole are thankfully over...

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