Search Engine Optimisation

Driving relevent traffic to your website...

"Done correctly, a well-optimised website will stand a far higher chance of search engine success..."

Seeing is believing, try entering 'left hand drive car insurance' into Google and QuoteRack is on Page 1.

Over 100 other phrases on page 1!

The relative success or failure of any website can depend upon it being designed and developed with an appropriate level of search engine optimisation ( or ‘SEO’).

Search engine optimisation comprises the subtle yet essential behind-the-scenes ‘tweaks’ to a website that assist the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing) in locating, indexing and categorising a website, its content and its target audience.

Done correctly, a well-optimised website will stand a far higher chance of search engine success and have an advantage over a competitor’s website, gaining a higher result in the Search Engine Results Pages (or 'SERP’s').

Initial SEO - included as standard

Koi Island is an online Koi keepers super store. It uses the OMNIX shop and benefits from OMNIX SEO.

The OMNIX SEO programme has enabled them to place 3rd for the extremely competitive phrase 'Koi Fish Food'.

Search engine optimisation is often seen as an expensive specialist add-on by many website designers; here at OMNIX Software Solutions we take the view that the success of our clients’ websites is as important to us as it is to them.

For the majority of our insurance SEO clients, the ‘art’ of website search engine optimisation is a familiar term but an unfamiliar skill.

For this reason, we provide search engine optimisation of all new websites as part of the post-launch service to our clients. This ensures that all new OMNIX websites will have the best chance of success in the search engine stakes.

A bespoke SEO service

Pet Secure search engine optimisation starting to take effect.

Currently Page 1, position 3, for the very competitive search phrase 'puppy insurance quotes'.

Getting your site on page 1 of the major search engines greatly increases your traffic.

Each website is unique, both in terms of its content and its target audience and the OMNIX search engine optimisation programme is customised to each client’s needs.

Working closely with our clients, both new and repeat customers, means that we get a very good understanding of what they are looking to achieve from their new online web channel.

Most will expect that their new website will appear in search engine results (or 'SERPs') for the types of enquiry that they are looking to attract; this is entirely understandable as the sooner this happens, the sooner the client will see a return on their investment.

For most new websites however, the reality is less a case of ‘build it and they will come’ and more a case of ‘patience is a virtue’.

Especially for our insurance website clients and with our knowledge of insurance SEO, we are happy to offer our insurance clients the benefits of our insurance search engine optimisation skills.

We discuss with our clients the realistic objectives that a managed SEO programme can achieve. For the majority, this means talking through the likely search phrases for which they need their website to be found.

Armed with this information, we research the potential competition for each phrase, as well as taking note of any that the client may have missed. Having short-listed the optimum number, we agree with our clients the changes necessary to the website that will have the most impact on the website’s search engine position and ranking.

From here, the appropriate changes are made to the website, both within the website content and behind the scenes, which will prepare the website for the first visit of the search engine spiders or ‘bots’.

As a further step in our standard-but-bespoke SEO programme, we submit the website to relevant industry directories, as well as the established ‘essential’ directories such as Yahoo and the Open Directory Project.

Patience is a virtue

For Funfair Props, a company dedicated to providing funfair ride hire to the TV and Film industry getting high search engine results is key.

Positioned on Page 1, TOP, for the phrase 'hire fairground props'.

Once this initial round of optimisation has been completed, it is then a question of time...and more time..

Once the new website begins to appear in search engine results, a further round of SEO is offered to our clients as part of an ongoing managed service, which is available to all clients as an added-value service and at additional cost.

Typically we find that once the initial test-your-patience period has past and the client can begin to see some success from SEO, they are often keen to do more to enhance their website’s position and page rank.

Not an OMNIX customer - but interested in Search Engine Optimisation

Compliance Management Services already had a website.

We updated the content and applied our SEO skills.

They now appear 2nd on page 1 of google for 'FSA Compliance general insurance' just one place below the official FSA website.

If you did not have your website created by us, we are always happy to discuss with you the options available in relation to search engine optimisation, whether it is a quick ‘SEO makeover’ or an intensive and ongoing SEO programme.

In some cases and where the current website has been created using ‘frames’ or other less-than-SEO-friendly methods, it may require a complete overhaul of the website to be optimised. For the majority, however, it is usually possible to achieve good results from a relatively small change to the website.

Whether you are an existing OMNIX customer or not (yet...), please get in touch to discuss how we may be able to assist you with your search engine optimisation.