Software Development

Custom software designed and built to meet your needs...

"OMNIX are able to offer considerable development cost savings when compared with many other development houses..."

The QuoteRack Desktop application, allows insurance agents in the USA to manage the complete lifecycle of an insurance customer. From initial lead capture, through premium agreement, to placement of cover.

The software is design to be very easy to use, quick to respond and naturally intuitive. It also benefits from a centralised database on a remote server and auto-update capability.

OMNIX specialises in the creation of unique (bespoke) software solutions that are 100% 'fit for purpose' and contain no 3rd party components. This means that OMNIX isn't restricted by a strict product set and you aren't restricted on the functionaly contained within the system, website or product we create for you. Equally all of the existing products and applications we have available in the Software Products section can be tailored exactly to your requirements.

OMNIX are able to offer considerable development cost savings when compared with many other development houses because OMNIX develop re-usable components for every project. This means the unit, integration and system tests performed on each project present less issues as the core OMNIX components have already been destruction tested on previous projects, making OMNIX solutions extremely robust and allowing us to dramitically reduce the timescale needed to deliver your requirements.

Methodology - one size does NOT fit all

"We will produce the system you require using a tailored methodology that's best for you, your project and your business drivers."

Many factors need to be considered. Your market, your deadlines, your project size, your budget and your prefered style of working with a selected supplier.

There are many different software development methodologies that we are experienced with. No single development life cycle fits all of our customers needs.

Customers rarely have the same requirements so we feel it's important not to shoe horn your project into an inappropriate methodology.

OMNIX are able to deliver larger corporate scale developments on time and to budget, we are equally comfortable developing new, prototype software and small proof of concept applications.

There are a few key aspects of our software development approach that we use with every development:

Skill set - there's no substitute for experience

The OMNIX Policy Underwriting System (OPUS) takes insurance systems into a new era, uniquely utilising a desktop shell with a fully centralised internet architure OPUS offers the flexibility of an internet solution with the control of a desktop application.

You may have an existing system that needs a functionality update, your existing architecture may nesessitate a specific language or database to be utilised or you may want us to recommend the best technology and architecture for your requirements.

Not only are we able to develop your solution in the right technology but OMNIX has the understanding and creative flair to seamlessly integrate your solution with your chosen interface channel(s) whether it's web, desktop, PDA or even a kiosk.