Website Design & Branding

Professional branding and design for the internet or print media...

"Our services can be applied to a broad range of activities and situations..."

Advertising can be a powerful tool - in the right hands.

OMNIX can help you identify your target audience, define their media habits and select the most appropriate media for your needs. Whatever the budget, £1500 or £500,000, using local radio or 'inside of bus' advertising to full scale country wide bill-board campaigns OMNIX can help.

The concept and its relevance is key to a successful design, which is why our designs are based on thorough research, innovative ideas and sound marketing principles. We work closely with you to ensure that we meet your needs whether reproduction is in ink or pixels.

Our creative approach to design can help you achieve almost anything - communicate more effectively, position your brand or take your business to new heights.

Our services can be applied to a broad range of activities and situations including, direct mail, bill board, posters, literature, packaging and corporate identity. We can also introduce specialist elements into your projects such as photography and illustration.

Nothing says more to your customers about your business than the promotional material they hold in their hands. Getting it right is critical and not as expensive as you think.

Leaflets, letterheads, business cards, mail-shots, packaging, signage, logos, branding, corporate design guidelines, newsletters, journals, presentation boards, brochures and much more, we achieve excellent quality results every time.

Web Marketing

"In order to generate targeted visitor traffic your website will be optimised for your target audience and for the major search engines..."

Internet Marketing is a technique that promotes your brand, image or website on the Internet using Search Engines, Directories, Online Advertising banners, email advertising, blogs etc.

The aim of search engine optimisation is to generate targeted visitor traffic to your website. Target visitors are those who are interested in your company, your products and services, and not just random general traffic (Surfers).

In order to generate targeted visitor traffic your website will be optimised for your target audience and for the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and AltaVista. In fact with OMNIX hosting solutions your website will be entered on over 3000 search engines and directories. When a target visitor enters a keyword or phrase into a Search Engine we want them to find your site in the first pages of the search results.

Website Design

"Our consultants can advise you on the most suitable Internet Strategy for your business..."

Website designers, software developers, database websites - you're looking for a new web site for your business, but where do you start? How do you select a website design company that understands your business requirements, create a terrific web channel for you but not blind you with science? OMNIX understands the position in which many businesses find themselves. We will work with you to create a great 'shop window' for your business on the internet. Your website will often be the first contact that your potential new clients have with your business, so it needs to create the right first impression. OMNIX has wide experience of creating commercially successful websites for a diverse range of businesses, products and markets. We know what works on the web and we will be delighted to help you through the process of turning your business requirements into an internet reality.

All of our web sites are individually created - we do not offer template website designs. Even with our competitive prices, we are able to provide our customers with custom website designs that are unique to them and based upon their existing business's brand, corporate colours and logo. If you are a start-up new business and are looking for inspiration in the design of a new logo or company branding, we will be happy to offer suggestions as part of the overall website design process. Above all, we want you to be delighted with your new web channel and indeed proud of how your business is represented on the internet.

Here at OMNIX we understand the difficulty faced by businesses today in creating a website. Our consultants can advise you on the most suitable internet strategy for your business whether you require a simple information-only or 'brochure' website, an 'e-commerce' online catalogue that allows you to sell your products online, or a fully integrated 'e-business' solution, which links your online business with your existing client administration or 'back office' systems.


"Enabling you to sell your products online, with full card processing..."

'E-Commerce', in its simplest form, enables you to sell your products or services over the Internet. This provides several advantages over more traditional methods of supplOMNIX SHOPying by becoming location and time independent

We can provide you with the ability to update your stock and receive orders through simple-to-use administration tools that come as standard with all of our 'E-Commerce' solutions. This eliminates the heavy costs involved with some 'E-Commerce' solution providers just to provide you with the tools you need to manage your online store. If you are selling widgets and need photos, descriptions and individual item pricing, we will create your own online product catalogue and give you the means to make changes as and when you need to.


A fully integrated 'E-Business' web channel is the ultimate business solution, seamlessly integrating your existing and new systems with your website, email systems, supplier and distribution networks, providing administration and operating cost savings, reducing them to an absolute minimum, whilst operating at maximum efficiency.

OMNIX can help you integrate your existing systems with your 'E-Commerce' internet solution, intranet, LAN & WAN to transform your current business giving you that vital advantage over your competitors.


"Just because you have a limited web budget doesn't mean your 'E-Brochure' will be basic..."

E-Brochures, also referred to as Electronic Brochures, are the web-based (HTML) equivalent of traditional printed brochures. 'E-Brochures' are delivered to prospects and clients instantly via the internet, eliminating printing, mailing and administrative costs.

Just because you have a limited web budget doesn't mean your 'E-Brochure' will be basic. Every 'E-Brochure' designed and built by OMNIX will exude style and quality. Our expertise in CSS site design enables us to deliver the style and impact your 'E-Brochure' demands.

Interactive - Multi-media interfaces that truely engage you

The field of interactive interface design is a wide and interesting subject and the examples shown in this section merely scrape the surface of what can be achieved. Imagine being able to interactively design a room layout you desire for your home and then all of the products automatically being placed in your shopping basket. Imagine a community website where dragging and dropping a picture of a community member adds them to your friends list.

Think about how interactive elements within your website or product design might engage the customer, making the use of your system natural, interesting, easy, memorable and fun. Let your imagination flow. Interactive interface design concentrates on the following areas:

Human Computer Interface - The interaction and translation of your key presses, mouse movements, voice input and any other form of interaction between you and the computer or any other form of hardware technology is translated via the 'interactive interface'. Websites, games, applications, software, phones and many more all require an interactive human / computer interface.

OMNIX interactive interface designers understand the subtleties of both how the system is going to be used and expectations of the user themselves, this ensures that the software user interface and the hardware computer elements mesh seamlessly

Action / Reaction - For each action the user takes, the selection of a menu or the simply clicking of a 'NEXT' button, the reaction of the interactive media should be positive. Action and reaction are the core components of true interactive design. How the communication between the user and the interface unfolds over time is something that OMNIX interactive designers fully understand.

State - As part of its role as translator, interactive interface design is also concerned with ensuring the user understands the current state of the application. In the example of the Jigsaw the initial state of the puzzle is made clear by the pieces scattered on the right and the dim / faded appearance of the final puzzle on the left.

Sound is also used to communicate a successful or failed attempt at placing a piece. Interactive software and computer systems communicate state so that users can easily understand the types of operations that are available or appropriate at any given time.

Error Handling - When working with any interface or interactive system errors can occur. As with our Jigsaw example and the misplacement of a piece, the user is notified and the piece is replaced to the right of the board, in order that it can be selected again. Designers must anticipate mistakes or user error and ensure that the user can always continue in an intuitive manner even in the event of system malfunction.

Skill set - there's no substitute for experience

The interactive menu on the new Park Insurance Services website cycles through many of their insurance products. With animated text flying onto the screen and a bright interactive menu the user is quickly draw to the insurance product they require.

Professional graphic designers with expertise, talent and flair. They are able to draw on expert knowledge of the following image, video & sound creation tools.

The real skill is with the people and their ability to interpret your brief and produce something extra special, something unique, something for you to be proud of.